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Environmental Policy 

It is the intention of the directors & management of SEI Identification Solutions to conduct its business with a commitment to using processes and materials that have the least impact on the environment.  SEI Identification Solutions will operate and be externally audited to EN ISO 14001 environmental standards by an accredited body. 

Our purchasing department will select, where practical, materials that have been produced in the most environmentally friendly manner.  Suppliers and waste carriers will be asked to supply their Environmental Policy and our trading with them may depend on the sincerity of their reply.

The management realises that the success of this policy depends on the full support of all staff and to this end, this policy will be included within our induction package.

All waste will be segregated whenever practical.  The waste hierarchy will be applied on all waste.

It is the policy of SEI Identification Solutions to select, where possible, the most energy efficient plant & machinery, to conserve energy by reduced heat loss wherever practical.  SEI Identification Solutions will continue to reduce our environmental impacts and ensure we comply with environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes that relate to its environmental impact.

SEI Identification Solutions will ensure to take all reasonable steps to continually improve to reduce or eliminate pollution to air, water and land.

During the 1st quarterly environmental management review meeting of the year, which must be held by 31st March of each year, framework for setting the next twelve months objectives and targets must be set, these will be reviewed at following environmental management review meetings.

SEI Identification Solutions will audit its activities at regular intervals and implement any changes deemed an eco-improvement wherever practical and viable.  Regular environmental management review meetings will be held.  Changes will be communicated to all staff by means of the staff notice board, memoranda or staff meetings.

We will ensure as far as possible, which methods of materials are used in the production of our products and ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Martin Daniell, Managing Director

BS EN ISO 14001

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