CLMS Cable Label (SumiTag)

    Military Grade Polyolefin 135°C Cable Labels

    Military Specification Cable Label

    Designed to survive environments such as aerospace and military harnesses for identifying cable and wire bundles. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties with low friction surface. The new cable label meets printing and fluid resistance standards of NF F 00-608 type H, SAE-AS5942, as well as MIL-STD-202 Method 215K. The cable labels are applied to cables and harness assemblies with cable ties, and are also suitable for retrofit purposes. Markers are supplied in ladder form on a roll, having been conditioned for thermal transfer printing with our range of SumiTAG printers and qualified ribbons.

    Main Attributes

    • Flame retardant
    • Self extinguishing

    Further properties

    • Flame Ratardant to NF F00-608 & NF C32-070
    • Rounded edges to eliminate snagging
    • Backwards compatible for most printers
    • Print performance to Military Specifications
    • 50, 60mm, 75mm & 90mm Lengths
    • Colours - white-yellow-pink

    Industry Standards:

    • REACH Compliant
    • RoHS Compliant

    Additional Information

    Recommended Printer: -

    Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-SQX-300-S-NC-S

    Recommended Ribbon: -

    2020 Series Black

    Print Performance: -

    Adherence: SAE-AS5942

    Fluid Resistance: MIL202 Method 215J

    Store in original packaging

    Recommended temp. at +10°C to 25°C 45-55% R.H.

    Use within 3 years from date of manufacture



    Continuous Operating Temperature-55°C to +135°C
    Low Temp Flexibility -55°CNo cracking (pass)
    Heat Shock (250°C x 4hrs)Pass no crack, flowing or dripping
    Oxygen Index24% min
    Tensile Strength13.8 MPa Min.
    Elongation at Break200% Min.
    Diesel Fuel ResistanceNF F00-608 - 7MPa Min.
    Secant Modulus172 MPa Max
    FlammabilityFlame retarded 60 sec Max. ASTM-D2671 (B)
    Water Absorption2% Max.

    Marker Size (mm)

    Text Area mm

    Markers /Box

    Cable Tie Holes

    Order Code


    60x10mm40x10mm1,4504CLMS-60-10-**-SPrint the markers using
    75x15mm55x15mm1,1004CLMS-75-15-**-Sour range of iTAG
    90x25mm70x25mm7504CLMS-90-25-**-Sprinters or send us
    50x20mm32x20mm9506CLMS-50-20-6-**the information and
    50x20mm32x20mm9504CLMS-50-20-4-**we will print them for
    50x10mm32x10mm1,4004CLMS-50-10-4-**you within 24 hours.
    **WE, YW or PK

    For further size properties, please view the full datasheet top right...

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