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Solder Termination Sleeves

Reliable - Repeatable - Inspectable

SUMITUBE STS Solder Termination Sleeves provide the most reliable means of terminating a wide variety of coaxial cable types. In addition, they can be used for wire-to-wire or wire-to-pin style connections, and even on triaxial cable assemblies. They solder, seal, insulate and strain relieve critical connections in one simple step. STS devices are available for low and high temperature cables and come in a range of sizes, with or without preinstalled lead wires or braid conductors. Lead wires come in many choices of colour, AWG sizes and types. 

Built to stringent standards, including SAE-AS83519 and NAS 1744, 1745 & 1746, each STS device has an internal precision engineered pre-fluxed solder preform, meaning that every connection receives identical amount of solder and flux resulting in highly repeatable processes. STS Products have a long history of use in a variety of areas ranging from commercial aircraft and military aerospace to high volume commercial applications. 

Certain STS parts also have a temperature indication (TI) paint on the solder rings that changes colour when sufficient heat has been applied as visual evidence that the termination has been properly completed. High performance sealing inserts at each end ensure that connections are environmentally resistant. A transparent tough outer shrinkable sleeve made from semi-rigid crosslinked fluoroplastic provides strain relief, insulation and mechanical protection of the finished solder joint and allows for convenient visual inspection. 

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