Research & Development


Over several decades, SEI Identification Solutions have pioneered techniques and developed world class, ground breaking products. Many of the developed products have been as a result of working closely with customers to meet or set new standards for customers applications.  Some examples of collaborative developments are:-


Very high temperature index, low smoke and toxic fume emission products were developed to meet customer’s new requirements, which demanded ultra-safe, low fire hazard products for use in underground mass transit systems.


New printing techniques were developed in-house for production of printed PTFE markers, without environmentally unfriendly chemical pre-etching, that can withstand extremely harsh environments.


Anti-chafe devices were developed to protect wiring from vibration-induced abrasion damage which was successfully deployed within the aerospace and rail sectors.


Within our area of expertise for cable identification and protection systems, SEI Identification Solutions  lead the way in helping provide solutions to customer’s needs when developing original ideas and products.


We openly invite customer’s development engineers and project teams to seek assistance from us for such mutually beneficial collaborations.



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