MIL Continuous Printable Heatshrink 3:1 ()

    Military Specification Heatshrink Sleeves 3:1

    Flexible, high temperature rated, highly flame retardant, self extinguishing heat shrinkable tubing (3:1 shrink ratio). Flexible polyolefin sleeves used for wire identification and insulation purposes. Markers are supplied in continuous roll form in a flattened format, having been conditioned for printing with our range of SUMiTAG single and double sided thermal transfer printers and approved ribbons. Comes in yellow and white as standard. Available in 12 colours.

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • Flame Retardant
      • Optimum Shrink Temperature of 115°C
      • Self Extinguishing (except transparent)
      • Excellent Colour Fastness
      • Print performance to Military Specifications
      • Available in 12 colours

      Industry Standards:

      • BS 6746 C
      • International RCC Markers
      • BS 4G198, Part 3, Type 11B
      • DEF STAN 59-97, Type 2b
      • REACH Compliant
      • RoHS Compliant

      Additional Information

      Recommended Printer & Ribbon: -

      iTAG Printer 300dpi STP-A4+M-300-S-NC-N

      iTAG Printer 300dpi STP-XD4-300-S-NC-N

      Ribbon Black TTR-080-300-BK-2020

      Ribbon White TTR--083-300-WE-173

      Print Performance:

      Adherence: SAE-AS5942

      Fluid Resistance: MIL202 Method 215J

      Store in original packaging

      Recommended temp. at +10°C to 25°C 45-55% R.H.

      Use within 3 years from date of manufacture



      Continuous Operating Temperature-55°C to +135°C
      Colour FastnessStandard 6 minimum
      FlammabilitySelf Extinguising (except tranparent)
      Chemical ResistanceG198/ D.S 59-97, Good
      Max Longitudinal Change+5%, -10% Max.
      Tensile Strength10.0 MPa Min.
      Elongation at Break250% Min.
      Secant Modulus10.0 MPa Max.
      Resistance to Mould GrowthBS2011 pt 2.1J
      Proof Voltage 14kV per 1mm wall thickness

      Nominal ID Supplied mm

      Nominal ID Recovered mm

      Sleeve Length Meters

      Spool Diameter

      Colour Code

      Order Code

      1.5mm0.530 Meter210mm BK=BlackMIL-015-30M-**-3X
      3.0mm1.030 Meter210mm BN=BrownMIL-030-30M-**-3X
      6.0mm2,030 Meter210mm RD=RedMIL-060-30M-**-3X
      9.0mm3,030 Meter210mm OR=OrangeMIL-090-30M-**-3X
      12.0mm4,030 Meter210mm YW=YellowMIL-120-30M-**-3X
      18.0mm6,030 Meter210mm GN=GreenMIL-180-30M-**-3X
      24.0mm8,020 Meter210mm BE=BlueMIL-240-20M-**-3X
      40.0mm13,015 Meter210mm VT=VioletMIL-400-15M-**-3X

      For further size properties, please view the full datasheet top right...

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